A manipulation using a photo of an abandoned house and the milky way

The shooting star that destroyed us

Sat down tonight with some nostalgic tunes from my high school days (think Senses Fail, Finch, and more). Thought about all the fun I used to have jamming out until the sun came up, creating image manipulations and digital paintings. It’s been well over a decade since I got lost in photoshop just creating art for the fun of it. For old time sake, I whipped up this image—a photograph I took of an abandoned farmhouse in Westport, Massachusetts mixed with a photograph of the milky way galaxy, blended with some unexpected color inspired by some infrared photography I’ve shot.

Feels good to clear the mind and experiment. Enjoy!

A manipulation using a photo of an abandoned house and the milky way
A manipulation using a photo of an abandoned house and the milky way galaxy. Details below.
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The Quiet Amsterdam Canals

While in Amsterdam with some colleagues this past February, we stayed on a houseboat for a couple of nights located on one of the canals. The gentle rocking of the boat at night was a wonderful way to fall asleep. While I found Amsterdam to be a bustling city during the day, it became quite gentle later in the evenings. Houseboats line the edges of … Continue reading The Quiet Amsterdam Canals

Star Trails over Kalalau Lookout on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Kalalau Lookout. The End of the World.

During a once in a lifetime experience, I was given the opportunity to explore the island of Kauai in Hawaii. While there some friends and I made it out to Kalalau lookout on the Northwest side of the island. We stayed just long enough for the sun to set and a brilliant display of stars to shine.     Continue reading Kalalau Lookout. The End of the World.

Tree of Light

One of my favorite local places to visit is Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport, Massachusetts. An old farm converted into a brewery. In the summer, the front of the farm is lively and bustling. Come winter, the crowds die down and a few die hard communitarians remain. In this case, not many people were around to witness the majesty of the light display the folks … Continue reading Tree of Light