4Runner Tutorial: How to plastidip wheels in 3 easy steps for under $20

Plasti-dip is a rubberized coating that can be applied to certain parts of vehicles for an enhanced look. I’ve used plasti-dip on several vehicles through the years to add black accents. In my opinion it holds up better than paint—especially when it comes to wheels. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through 3 super quick steps to plasti-dip your 4runner wheels (or any wheels), for a badass appearance.

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Ocean fishing along the Elizabeth Islands off the coast of Massachusetts

At 3:14 am everything is dead silent in the house. The cats are all sleeping (finally), we’re tucked under the covers with the AC quietly humming. A car hasn’t driven down our quiet street for the past 5 hours. The minute hand on my watch shifts and the alarm begins to siren.

I can assure you, there are few good reasons to wake up at 3:15 in the morning. The first one is if you awake and your house is aflame. The second is if you’re heading out to get some ocean fishing in. That’s precisely what I was planning on this beautiful morning with my good pal Christopher.

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Clouds sweeping over Fall River

10pm on an unsuspecting Thursday. I took out the recycling and noticed some seriously dramatic clouds sweeping through the sky under the moon. I grabbed my equipment and took to the street with my slippers on like an old man. The newly renovated Cornell Lofts are basically my front yard. They helped to make a pretty interesting foreground for the action in the sky! Continue reading Clouds sweeping over Fall River

The Milkyway Galaxy above Gooseberry Island in Westport, Massachusetts.

Pathway to the Stars

I found a pathway to the stars and its not too far from home 😀 Aligning the milky way galaxy with particular landscapes can prove challenging since the orientation of our galaxy’s core shifts directions as the months change. Thankfully, in the northern hemisphere, the summer months allow for the best milky way viewing fairly early in the evening. Now if we could just get … Continue reading Pathway to the Stars