Quiet corner of the world

Every once in a while when the weight of the world gets heavy, it’s important to spend a little time away from the madness of people and enjoy some peace and quiet. Nothing crazy, but I managed to get away the other night and enjoy a little quiet with a couple friends at a tiny pond. Here’s a couple of simple photos and a quick … Continue reading Quiet corner of the world

Monochromatic landscape

Snow storms often sweep through New England during winter, leaving the landscape coated in the fluffy white stuff. Less often, however, the atmosphere and timing will work in such a way that leaves the landscape monochromatic while the sky displays brilliantly blue. Generally the the clouds cover the sky leaving scenes bleak, or the sun comes out and melts all the snow covering the trees. … Continue reading Monochromatic landscape

How to fix your office chair for $5 when the cylinder begins to slip

In mid 2019, I purchased a nice drafting style office chair for my adjustable standing desk. For the past ~1.5 years it’s held up very well, except a few weeks ago the cylinder began to fail. As I sat on the chair, it would slowly begin to slip from its set height. Within 10 minutes it dropped about 8 inches from the height I set—which … Continue reading How to fix your office chair for $5 when the cylinder begins to slip

Waxing Crescent Moon at Ned’s Lighthouse

On an aimless drive last night I stopped by Ned’s Point lighthouse in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. I happened to get lucky with the position of the Waxing Crescent Moon beginning to set over New Bedford. Order prints of these Ned’s Lighthouse photos at Midnight Shift Photography Ned Point Light is a historic lighthouse on Ned’s Point Road in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. The lighthouse was built in 1838 at a cost of … Continue reading Waxing Crescent Moon at Ned’s Lighthouse

Dramatic skies over Mt. Monadnock

I have to admit something. Of all the years I’ve been hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire, I’ve never climbed up Mt. Monadnock in the southern part of the state. I always thought that since it was so close to Massachusetts, it probably wasn’t as high or challenging as its brethren up north. I was wrong. I went up to hike Mt. Monadnock with … Continue reading Dramatic skies over Mt. Monadnock