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Ready for Anything: An Everyday Carry Exploration

Late last week, whilst looking for some new gear to make my everyday life easier, I happened to come across a site called Everyday Carry. This site allows users to post items they carry with them everyday. While I’ve seen people post articles here and there online, I’ve never seen an entire site dedicated entirely to this concept.

This is a fantastic and useful idea that I can really get behind, so I decided to participate. Over the years I’ve really honed my collection of useful items to get me through a lot of situations, and this could possibly help others find useful gear as well.

My friends know me as the guy who is prepped and ready to deal with anything as it comes (I’d like to think!). Aside from my Bug Out Bag (dedicated 72 hour emergency pack), my everyday tech bag contains enough items for an extensive day at the office, in the field, or travel. I also include little gear in case of sickness and any unplanned emergency situations… And it all fits on my person and in my bag!

Jeff Golenski Everyday Carry

Check out the interactive image on!

Quick list of items:
(note that item links may not link to exact items I have, due to EverydayCarry auto inserting links to what they think I have)

  1. Maxpedition M-1 Waistpack
  2. Timbuk2 Rogue Backpack
  3. GoalZero Guide 10 Plus Solar Charger
  4. GridIt Organizer
  5. 5w power adapter
  6. 5w power adapter
  7. Logitech Wireless Mouse
  8. GoalZero Guide10 Plug Recharger
  9. GoalZero Guide10 Plug Recharger (Extra Batteries)
  10. Universal retractable USB cable
  11. Logitech Wireless Mouse (USB Stick)
  12. 10w power adapter
  13. 5w power adapter
  14. Extendable iphone charger
  15. Extendable Android Charger
  16. Jackery Phone Charger
  17. Roost Ergonomic Portable Laptop Stand
  18. 40w magsafe 2 power adapter
  19. Apple earpods
  20. Microfiber Cloth
  21. 3 prong to 2 prong outlet adapter
  22. Sunglasses
  23. Sawyer Filtered Water Bottle
  24. Sleepmask w/ earplugs
  25. ipad air 2 w/ griffin survivor case
  26. 13inch Macbook Air w/ Moshi case
  27. Carbohydrates
  28. Fuji X-e2 w/ kit lens
  29. Spider Black Widow Camera Holster
  30. Ultrapod mini tripod
  31. Black and Decker LED clip light w/ colored lens caps
  32. Goody Boar Bristle Beard Brush
  33. Honest Amish Extreme Grit Beard Wax
  34. Moo Leather Business Card Holder
  35. Old Leather Wallet
  36. Diesel Chronograph Watch (4 timezones)
  37. Keys w/ bottle opener & fathers dog tags
  38. iPhone 5s with makeshift WordPress case
  39. Car key
  40. Handmade Buddhist Mantra Charm
  41. Leather Cuff Bracelet
  42. Smith and Wesson M&P assisted open knife w/ glass breaker
  43. Stanley 12-in-1 multitool
  44. Mylar emergency blanket
  45. Small first aid kit
  46. Passport
  47. 2 S-biners
  48. CRKT Eat’n Tool
  49. Bic pen + Sharpie
  50. White Moleskine
  51. Dayquil + Nyquil
  52. Crystal Light – Caffeine boost
  53. Vitamins, Charcoal Supplements, and Ibprofen
  54. Lip balm
  55. Eye drops
  56. Floss picks
  57. Travel pack of tissues
  58. Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard
  59. Magnesium Fire Starter(not numbered above)
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