Westport, Massachusetts

After the Storm

Today I saw / heard some of the most severe thunderstorms I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was working on my couch mid-afternoon with the windows open listening to some thunder in the distance.

Suddenly a bright flash struck above the building across from my apartment. It was so close I felt a wave of heat come through my windows and the loudest crack of thunder I’ve ever heard hit within a second. It was so loud that car alarms went off in the streets and the power was knocked out for a while.

Within a half hour my power was still out, but the blue sky started to peak through. I prepped my camera gear because I knew that the best sunsets always happen after a storm. Shortly after I took to the road!

Westport Massachusetts
Harbor in Westport Massachusetts after a storm.

I quite like how this shot of the Westport, Massachusetts harbor came out. I don’t typically do surreal HDR images, but I felt the need to bring out the contrast of the clouds for this one. 😀


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