Dramatic skies over Mt. Monadnock

I have to admit something. Of all the years I’ve been hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire, I’ve never climbed up Mt. Monadnock in the southern part of the state. I always thought that since it was so close to Massachusetts, it probably wasn’t as high or challenging as its brethren up north.

I was wrong.

I went up to hike Mt. Monadnock with my uncle over the Thanksgiving weekend and it was a damn good time. A moderately challenging hike (when carrying a full bag a ton of photo equipment, anyway). Lots of scenic views and fresh air. On this particular day, the clouds were sweeping through all around. We saw a ton of sun rays, snow, and some rain sweeping through the valleys below. Here are some shots from the adventure on Mt. Monadnock.

More shots from the adventure…

and finally, the traditional—and necessary— post hike beer.


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